API Reference Remedy v0.6.8


Standard interface for the Discord API.

Represents a failed response from the API.

Discord CDN interface.

Represents an error when interacting with the cache.

Consumer process for gateway event handling.

Raised when an environment variable cannot be found

Exposes functions for gateway interraction.

Schema sets out all of the objects and types used within the Discord API.

Discord Presence Activity Object

Discord Application Object

Application Webhook

Discord Attachment Object

Discord Audit Log Object

Discord Audit Log Entry Object

Discord Audit Log Option Object

Discord Ban Object

Discord Channel Object

Discord Presence Client Status Object

Discord Command Object

Command Option Object

Command Option Choice

Components are a framework for adding interactive elements to the messages your app or bot sends. They're accessible, customizable, and easy to use. There are several different types of components; this documentation will outline the basics of this new framework and each example.+

Helpers for dealing with Button Components

Component Options

Discord Embed Object

Discord Embed Author Object

Discord Embed Field Object

Discord Embed Footer Object

Discord Embed Image Object

Discord Embed Provider Object

Discord Embed Thumbnail Object

Embed Video Schema.

Discord Emoji Object

Discord Guild Object

Integration Object

Interaction Object

This is the center point between Commands, Interactions and Components.

Interaction Data Option Object

Interaction Data Resolved Object

Invite Object

Guild Member Object

Message Object

Permissions Object

Presence object.

Message Reaction Object

Discord Team Object

Discord Team Member Object

Discord Thread Object

Thread Member Object

Thread Metadata Object

Typing Start Event Dispatch

User Schema

Voice State Update Event

Guild Welcome Screen

Guild Welcome Screen Channel

Represents an error when playing sound through voice channels.