Scenic.Primitive.Style.Theme (Scenic v0.10.3) View Source

The theme style is a way to bundle up default colors that are intended to be used by dynamic components invoked by a scene.

There is a set of pre-defined themes. You can also pass in a map of theme values.

Unlike other styles, these are a guide to the components. Each component gets to pick, choose, or ignore any colors in a given style.

Main Predefined Themes

  • :dark - This is the default and most common. Use when the background is dark.
  • :light - Use when the background is light colored.

Specialty Themes

The remaining themes are designed to color the standard components and don't really make much sense when applied to the root of a graph. You could, but it would be... interesting.

The most obvious place to use them is with Button components.

  • :primary - Blue background. This is the primary button type indicator.
  • :secondary - Grey background. Not primary type indicator.
  • :success - Green background.
  • :danger - Red background. Use for irreversible or dangerous actions.
  • :warning - Orange background.
  • :info - Lightish blue background.
  • :text - Transparent background.