Shopify.GraphQL.Config (shopify_graphql v1.6.0)

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t() :: %Shopify.GraphQL.Config{
  access_token: String.t(),
  endpoint: String.t(),
  headers: [{String.t(), any()}],
  host: String.t(),
  http_client: module(),
  http_client_opts: any(),
  json_codec: module(),
  limiter: atom() | boolean(),
  limiter_opts: Keyword.t(),
  path: String.t(),
  port: String.t(),
  protocol: String.t(),
  retry: boolean(),
  retry_opts: Keyword.t(),
  shop: String.t(),
  version: String.t()

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new(overrides \\ %__MODULE__{})


new(map() | t()) :: t()

Build a config struct.

Config is composed of values provided through application configuration and a map of optional overrides. If overrides are provided they will be merged with the application configuration.