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Missing Content-Security-Policy

Content-Security-Policy is an HTTP header that helps mitigate a number of attacks, including Cross-Site Scripting.

Read more about CSP here:

Missing Content-Security-Policy is flagged by sobelow when a pipeline implements the :put_secure_browser_headers plug, but does not provide a Content-Security-Policy header in the custom headers map.

When it comes to CSP, just about any policy is better than none. If you are unsure about which policy to use, the following mitigates most typical XSS vectors:

plug :put_secure_browser_headers, %{"content-security-policy" => "default-src 'self'"}

Documentation on the put_secure_browser_headers plug function can be found here:

Content-Security-Policy checks can be ignored with the following command:

$ mix sobelow -i Config.CSP

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