Speakeasy.Authz (Speakeasy v0.3.2)

Authorization middleware for Absinthe.

Please see the README for a complete example in a Absinthe Schema.

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Authorizes the operation using Bodyguard policies.

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call(res, opts)

Authorizes the operation using Bodyguard policies.

Speakeasy.Authn and Speakeasy.LoadResource must occur before calling Authz

Covering policies is beyond the scope of these docs, but a simple example is below:

defmodule MyApp.Posts do
  defdelegate authorize(action, user, params), to: MyApp.Posts.Policy

defmodule MyApp.Posts.Policy do
  @behaviour Bodyguard.Policy

  @spec authorize(atom(), %User{} | nil, map()) :: :ok | {:error, String.t()}
  # Allow any user to create a post
  def authorize(:create_post, %User{}, _params), do: true

  # Only allow an author to get a post in draft state
  def authorize(:get_post, %User{id: user_id}, %Post{user_id: user_id, draft: true}), do: true

  # Default blacklist
  def authorize(_, _, _), do: {:error, "Get outta here fool!"}


Authorizing takes a tuple of {resource_module, action}:

object :post_mutations do
  @desc "Create post"
  field :create_post, type: :post do
    arg(:name, non_null(:string))
    middleware(Speakeasy.LoadResource, fn(attrs) -> a_function_that_loads_the_resource end)
    middleware(Speakeasy.Authz, {MyApp.Posts, :create_post})