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This library is a dead simple set of utilities for building test suites programatically. Most of the time it makes sense to have one test signature per test, nad have those tests automatically discovered and run. Other times you may want to read test cases in from files, json responses, etc. This library is for the second case.

import testbldr

pub fn main() {
    |> testbldr.tests(one_is_a_small_number())
    |> testbldr.run

fn one_is_a_small_number() -> List(testbldr.Test) {
  use number <- list.map(list.range(2, 10))
  let name = "One is less than " <> int.to_string(number)
  let test = fn() {
    case 1 < number {
      True -> testbldr.pass()
      False -> testbldr.fail("Shockingly 1 >" <> int.to_string(number))
  #(name, test)
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