thesis v0.3.4 Thesis.Backup

Represents a page and page_content backup.

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Changeset for Backup structs

Formats a given Backup with a pretty_date field

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t() :: %Thesis.Backup{
  __meta__: term(),
  id: any(),
  inserted_at: any(),
  page: term(),
  page_data: any(),
  page_id: integer(),
  page_revision: integer(),
  updated_at: any()

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changeset(backup, params \\ %{})

Changeset for Backup structs.

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Formats a given Backup with a pretty_date field.

iex> backup = %Thesis.Backup{ inserted_at: ~N[2017-09-05 22:39:53.732381] } iex> b = Thesis.Backup.with_pretty_datetime(backup) iex> b.pretty_date "9-5-2017 @ 22:39"