API Reference Torch v4.1.0


Documentation for Torch.

Application config for torch.

Provides input generators for Torch's filter sidebar.

Contains functions for dealing with flash messages.

A module providing Internationalization with a gettext-based API. By using Gettext, your module gains a set of macros for translations, for example

Provides helper functions for Torch-generated controllers.

Provides internationalization support for Torch apps using standard Gettext features as a default, but also allows Torch users to customize their own "messaging backends" for custom i18n support.

Provides messages for different parts of the package. Can also be overridden to include custom translations.

Phoenix.View to render pagination controls for Torch-generated index templates.

Helpers for rendering Torch-generated tables.

Mix Tasks

Light wrapper module around mix phx.gen.html which generates slightly modified HTML.

Installs torch layout to your _web/templates directory.

Uninstalls torch layout.