View Source TypedEnum (typed_enum v0.1.2)

A module to allow you to use Enum's in ecto schemas, while automatically deriving their type definition.


defmodule InvoiceStatus do
  use TypedEnum, values: [:paid, :open, :closed, :rejected, :processing]

And then in your schema(s):

defmodule Invoice do
  schema("invoices") do
     belongs_to :user, User
     field :status, InvoiceStatus, default: :open

In this case the values will be dumped at the Database layer into strings.

table invoices:
user_id references -> users
status -> string/varchar/text/etc

In case you want to use it as a proper integer enum, make the :values option be a keyword list with the key the atom and value the integer to which it corresponds:

defmodule InvoiceStatus do
  use TypedEnum, values: [processing: 0, open: 1, paid: 2, closed: 3, rejected: 4]

The usage is the same, but in this case the column value will be serialized to its integer representation instead of a string. You can still cast string values, and in your app logic deal with their atom versions.

Check the test cases to see examples.