Vintage Net Wizard Launcher

Automatically launches the VintageNetWizard:-

  • On start if there is no WiFi configuration set
  • If GPIO pin 21 (or number otherwise configured) is set to high for 3 seconds, ie connected to 3v perhaps by a button press.

Button monitoring is very close to the example app as that's the sensible way to implement it.

VintageNetWizard will be be included as a dependency with this hexicle only as long as the is not :host which will stop awkward attempts to launch when running your tests or developing on your development box. Alternatively if you want to see it run during development you might want to consider explicitly including it as a dependency and configuring its fake backend.


Optional Configuration

Change the PIN to (say) 17, with

import Config

config :vintage_net_wizard_launcher, launch_pin: 17

Stop automatic launching on startup with

import Config
config :vintage_net_wizard_launcher, Configuration, start_if_unconfigured?: false

Do not monitor a GPIO pin for a button press that launches the wizard with

import Config
config :vintage_net_wizard_launcher, Configuration, launch_pin: false

(Not including this hexicle would also have the same non-result).



The package can be installed by adding vintage_net_wizard_launcher to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:

def deps do
    {:vintage_net_wizard_launcher, "~> 0.1.0"}