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Note: this an experimental SDK and breaking changes may occur. We don't recommend using this in production since we can't guarantee its stability.

The WorkOS library for Elixir provides convenient access to the WorkOS API from applications written in Elixir.


See the API Reference for Elixir usage examples.


Add this package to the list of dependencies in your mix.exs file:

def deps do
  [{:workos, "~> 1.0.0"}]


Configure WorkOS API key & client ID on your app config

config :workos, WorkOS.Client,
      api_key: "sk_example_123456789",
      client_id: "client_123456789"

The only required config option is :api_key and :client_id.

By default, this library uses Tesla but it can be replaced via the :client option, according to the WorkOS.Client module behavior.


SDK Versioning

For our SDKs WorkOS follows a Semantic Versioning process where all releases will have a version X.Y.Z (like 1.0.0) pattern wherein Z would be a bug fix (I.e. 1.0.1), Y would be a minor release (1.1.0) and X would be a major release (2.0.0). We permit any breaking changes to only be released in major versions and strongly recommend reading changelogs before making any major version upgrades.

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