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This is an elixir logger backend inspired by the onkel-dirtus/logger_file_backend.



Add to your deps inside the mix.exs:

{:youtrack_logger_backend, "~> 0.1"}

Run mix deps.get to download it.

Base Application config - required

Add the following to your configuration (this is the minimum required config beside the token):

config :logger,
  backends: [{Logger.Backend.Youtrack, :youtrack}]

config :logger, :youtrack,
  host: "",
  project: "xxx"

When configuring the youtrack backend, the keys host, project and token are required. Add your youtrack url and the project you want to push your issues to.

Add a youtrack PERMANENT TOKEN - required

Get this token on ‘Profile’->’Update personal information and manage logins’->’Authentication’ and create a new token or get an existing one here. You can also have a look at the official manual:

It is recommended to store the secret information inside a separate config like prod.secret.exs and not adding it to your version control.

config :logger, :youtrack,
  token: "xxx"

More configuration options - optional

If you want to, you can also configure the following keys: format_summary, format_description, metadata, level. They all have default settings, so only use them if you want to customize. Your config could look like this:

config :logger,
  backends: [{Logger.Backend.Youtrack, :youtrack}]

config :logger, :youtrack,
  host: "",
  project: "xxx",
  format_summary: "$level: $message\n", #optional
  format_description: "$date $time\n$metadata\n", #optional
  metadata: [:module, :file, :function, :line], #optional - describes $metadata
  level: :error #optional