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A wrapper for ZeptoMail’s transactional email API.


Add this package to your Gleam project:

gleam add zeptomail

And then send some email!

import gleam/httpc
import zeptomail.{Addressee}

pub fn main() {
 let key = "your-api-key-here"

 // Create an email to send
 let email = zeptomail.Email(
   from: [Addressee("Mike", "mike@example.com")],
   to: Addressee("Joe", "joe@example.com"),
   reply_to: [],
   cc: [Addressee("Robert", "robert@example.com")],
   bcc: [],
   body: zeptomail.TextBody("Hello, Mike!"),
   subject: "Hello, Joe!",

 // Prepare an API request that sends the email
 let request = zeptomail.email_request(email, key)

 // Send the API request using `gleam_httpc`
 let assert Ok(response) = httpc.send(request)

 // Parse the API response to verify success
 let assert Ok(data) = zeptomail.decode_email_response(response)
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