Algoliax v0.6.0 API Reference


Algoliax is wrapper for Algolia api

Raise Algolia API error


  • :index_name: specificy the index where the object will be added on. Required
  • :object_id: specify the attribute used to as algolia objectID. Default :id.
  • :repo: Specify an Ecto repo to be use to fecth records. Default nil
  • :cursor_field: specify the column to be used to order and go through a given table. Default :id
  • :schemas: Specify which schemas used to populate index, Default: [__CALLER__]
  • :algolia: Any valid Algolia settings, using snake case or camel case. Ex: Algolia attributeForFaceting can be configured with :attribute_for_faceting

On first call to Algolia, we check that the settings on Algolia are up to date.

Raise when trying to generate a secured api key with invalid params

Raise when trying to use algoliax without defining an index name

Raise when trying to use ecto specific functions without defining a repo

Execute save_object(s) on temporary index to keep it synchronized with main index