Generate a secured api key

NOTE: Make sure to use a Search only api_key to genrate secured api key.

See on algolia

Algoliax allows to generate secured api key for example restrict access to a given user:

    "title": "Catch Me If You Can",
    "kind": "biography",
    "objectID": "myID1"
    "title": "The island",
    "kind": "drama",
    "objectID": "myID2"
    "title": "Good Will Hunting",
    "kind": "drama",
    "objectID": "myID3"
    "title": "Ferdinand",
    "kind": "animation",
    "objectID": "myID4"

Valid params are :filters, :validUntil, :restrictIndices, :restrictSources and :userToken.

# restrict access to drama movies
{:ok, key} = Algoliax.generate_secured_api_key("api_key", %{filters: "kind:drama"})

# restrict access to drama and animation movies
{:ok, key} = Algoliax.generate_secured_api_key("api_key", %{filters: "kind:drama OR kind:animation"})

# invalid params
{:error, :invalid_params} = Algoliax.generate_secured_api_key("api_key", %{whatever: "test:10"})

Moreover it's recommended to set the :validUntil params, so the key automatically expires after some time. It avoids having to delete the base key

# restrict access to drama movies and expires in one hour
valid_until = DateTime.utc_now() |> DateTime.add(3600, :second) |> DateTime.to_unix()
{:ok, key} = Algoliax.generate_secured_api_key("api_key", %{filters: "kind:drama", validUntil: valid_until})