View Source AshAuthentication.Phoenix.SignInLive (ash_authentication_phoenix v2.0.0)

A generic, white-label sign-in page.

This live-view can be rendered into your app using the AshAuthentication.Phoenix.Router.sign_in_route/1 macro in your router (or by using Phoenix.LiveView.Controller.live_render/3 directly in your markup).

This live-view finds all Ash resources with an authentication configuration (via AshAuthentication.authenticated_resources/1) and renders the appropriate UI for their providers using AshAuthentication.Phoenix.Components.SignIn.


This component provides the following overrides:

  • :root_class - CSS class for the root div element.
  • :sign_in_id - Element ID for the SignIn LiveComponent.

See AshAuthentication.Phoenix.Overrides for more information.