View Source AshAuthentication.Phoenix.Components.SignIn (ash_authentication_phoenix v2.0.0)

Renders sign in mark-up for an authenticated resource.

This means that it will render sign-in UI for all of the authentication strategies for a resource.

For each strategy configured on the resource a component name is inferred (e.g. AshAuthentication.Strategy.Password becomes AshAuthentication.Phoenix.Components.Password) and is rendered into the output.

Component hierarchy

This is the top-most authentication component.



This component provides the following overrides:

  • :root_class - CSS class for the root div element.
  • :strategy_class - CSS class for a div surrounding each strategy component.
  • :authentication_error_container_class - CSS class for the container for the text of the authentication error.
  • :authentication_error_text_class - CSS class for the authentication error text.
  • :show_banner - Whether or not to show the banner.

See AshAuthentication.Phoenix.Overrides for more information.


  • overrides - A list of override modules.
  • otp_app - The otp app to look for authenticated resources in
  • live_action - The live_action being routed to
  • path - The path to use as the base for links
  • reset_path - The path to use for reset links
  • register_path - The path to use for register links



@type props() :: %{
  optional(:overrides) => [module()],
  optional(:path) => String.t(),
  optional(:reset_path) => String.t(),
  optional(:register_path) => String.t(),
  optional(:current_tenant) => String.t()