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Welcome to AshAuthentication.Pheonix.

The ash_authentication_phoenix package extends ash_authentication by adding router helpers, plugs and behaviours that makes adding authentication to an existing Ash-based Phoenix application dead easy.

Where to start.

Presuming that you already have Phoenix, Ash and AshAuthentication installed and configured, start by adding plugs and routes to your router using AshAuthentication.Phoenix.Router and customising your sign-in page as needed.


There are several methods of customisation available depending on the level of control you would like:

  1. Use the generic sign-in liveview - AshAuthentication.Phoenix.SignInLive.
  2. Apply overrides using AshAuthentication.Phoenix.Overrides to set your own CSS classes for all components.
  3. Build your own sign-in pages using the pre-defined components.
  4. Build your own sign-in pages using the generated auth routes.