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A module to help you create complex forms that generate Ash filters.

Represents the arguments to a calculation being filtered on

Represents an individual predicate appearing in a filter form.

A module to allow you to fluidly use resources with Phoenix forms.

A tool to automatically generate available nested forms based on a resource and action.

Raised when an invalid path is used to find, update or remove a form

Raised when a form action should happen but no action of the appropriate type has been configured

Raised when a data needed to be used but the required data was not loaded

Raised when attempting to refer to a form but no nested form with that name was configured.

Raised when a form needed to be constructed but the resource for that form could not be determined

A sentinal value used when editing a union that has non-map values

A protocol for allowing errors to be rendered into a form.

Utilities for keeping ash query results up to date in a live view.

This is a basic plug that loads the current tenant assign from a given value set on subdomain.

Mix Tasks

This task renders .ex and .heex templates and copies them to specified directories.

Generates liveviews for a given api and resource.