API Reference auth v1.6.0


Auth keeps the contexts that define your domain and business logic.

Defines apikeys schema and CRUD functions

Schema and helper functions for creating/managing Apps.

Defines logs schema and CRUD functions

Defines people_roles schema and fuction to grant roles to a person.

Defines permissions schema and CRUD functions

Defines Person schema and CRUD functions

Confirm that the authenticated person is the owner of a particular record

Defines roles schema and CRUD functions

Defines UserAgent and all functions for extracting User Agent from conn

The entrypoint for defining your web interface, such as controllers, views, channels and so on.

ApiController includes all functions for our RESTfull API in one place.

Defines AuthController and all functions for authenticaiton

Conveniences for translating and building error messages.

A module providing Internationalization with a gettext-based API.

Defines People controller functions

Defines Web Application Router pipelines and routes

Module with named helpers generated from AuthWeb.Router.