mix avrora.reg.schema (avrora v0.18.1) View Source

Register either one schema or all schemas in the Avrora.Config.schemas_path directory.

mix avrora.reg.schema [--all] [--name NAME] [--as NEW_NAME]

The search of the schemas will be performed under path configured in schemas_path configuration option. One of either option must be given.


  • --name - the full name of the schema to register (exclusive with --all)
  • --as - the name which will be used to register schema (i.e subject)
  • --all - register all found schemas

The --as option is possible to use only together with --name.

The --name option expects that given schema name will comply to Avrora.Storage.File module rules.

For example, if the schema name is io.confluent.Payment it should be stored as <schemas path>/io/confluent/Payment.avsc


mix avrora.reg.schema --name io.confluent.Payment
mix avrora.reg.schema --name io.confluent.Payment --as MyCustomName
mix avrora.reg.schema --all