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Included in this folder is a complete ThousandIsland.Handler based implementation of HTTP/1.x as defined in RFC 9112.

Process model

Within a Bandit server, an HTTP/1 connection is modeled as a single process. This process is tied to the lifecycle of the underlying TCP connection; in the case of an HTTP client which makes use of HTTP's keep-alive feature to make multiple requests on the same connection, all of these requests will be serviced by this same process.

The execution model to handle a given request is quite straightforward: the underlying Thousand Island library will call Bandit.HTTP1.Handler.handle_data/3, which will then attmept to parse the headers of the request by calling Bandit.HTTP1.Adapter.read_headers/1. Assuming the common case, this list of headers will then be passed to, which will construct a Plug.Conn structure to represent the request and subsequently pass it to the configured Plug module.


All of this is exhaustively tested. Tests are located in request_test.exs, and are broadly either concerned with testing network-facing aspects of the implementation (ie: how well Bandit satisfies the relevant RFCs) or the Plug-facing aspects of the implementation.

Unfortunately, there is no HTTP/1 equivalent to the external h2spec test suite.