Benchee v0.14.0 Benchee View Source

Top level module providing convenience access to needed functions as well as the very high level API.

Intended Elixir interface.

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benchmark(suite, name, function) View Source

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benchmark(suite, name, function, printer) View Source

Run benchmark jobs defined by a map and optionally provide configuration options.

Runs the given benchmarks and prints the results on the console.

  • jobs - a map from descriptive benchmark job name to a function to be executed and benchmarked
  • configuration - configuration options to alter what Benchee does, see Benchee.Configuration.init/1 for documentation of the available options.

Examples{"My Benchmark" => fn -> 1 + 1 end,
              "My other benchmrk" => fn -> "1" ++ "1" end}, time: 3)
# Prints a summary of the benchmark to the console