API Reference bridge_ex v2.2.0



Integration with Auth0 to authorize m2m communication

Preload a set of resources marking them as "external" and provide the related getter functions.

Create a Graphql bridge in the given module.

Graphql client for BridgeEx.

Behaviour used to implement a formatter adapter which could be used to format types for both input variables and responses.

Formatter to format map keys to camelCase.

Formatter to format map keys to snake_case.

This defines an adapter that supports GraphQL query documents in their conventional (in JS) camelCase notation, while allowing the schema to be defined using conventional (in Elixir) snake_case notation, and transforming the names as needed for lookups, results, and error messages.

Utils for handling retrying of functions.

Misc utils for handling Graphql requests/responses.

A simple counter for testing purposes.