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A GenStage producer that continuously polls messages from a SQS queue and acknowledge them after being successfully processed.

By default this producer uses BroadwaySQS.ExAwsClient to talk to SQS but you can provide your client by implementing the BroadwaySQS.SQSClient behaviour.

For a quick getting started on using Broadway with Amazon SQS, please see the Amazon SQS Guide.

Options for BroadwaySQS.ExAwsClient

  • :queue_url - Required. The url for the SQS queue. Note this does not have to be a regional endpoint. For example,

  • :max_number_of_messages - Optional. The maximum number of messages to be fetched per request. This value must be between 1 and 10, which is the maximum number allowed by AWS. Default is 10.

  • :wait_time_seconds - Optional. The duration (in seconds) for which the call waits for a message to arrive in the queue before returning. For more information see "WaitTimeSeconds" on the Amazon SQS documentation.

  • :visibility_timeout - Optional. The time period (in seconds) that a message will remain invisible to other consumers whilst still on the queue and not acknowledged. This is passed to SQS when the message (or messages) are read. This value must be between 0 and 43200 (12 hours).

  • :attribute_names - A list containing the names of attributes that should be attached to the response and appended to the metadata field of the message. Supported values are :sender_id, :sent_timestamp, :approximate_receive_count, :approximate_first_receive_timestamp, :wait_time_seconds and :receive_message_wait_time_seconds. You can also use :all instead of the list if you want to retrieve all attributes.

  • :message_attribute_names - A list containing the names of custom message attributes that should be attached to the response and appended to the metadata field of the message. You can also use :all instead of the list if you want to retrieve all attributes.

  • :config - Optional. A set of options that overrides the default ExAws configuration options. The most commonly used options are: :access_key_id, :secret_access_key, :scheme, :region and :port. For a complete list of configuration options and their default values, please see the ExAws documentation.

Producer Options

These options applies to all producers, regardless of client implementation:

  • :receive_interval - Optional. The duration (in milliseconds) for which the producer waits before making a request for more messages. Default is 5000.

  • :sqs_client - Optional. A module that implements the BroadwaySQS.SQSClient behaviour. This module is responsible for fetching and acknowledging the messages. Pay attention that all options passed to the producer will be forwarded to the client. It's up to the client to normalize the options it needs. Default is BroadwaySQS.ExAwsClient.


In case of successful processing, the message is properly acknowledge to SQS. In case of failures, no message is acknowledged, which means Amazon SQS will eventually redeliver the message or remove it based on the "Visibility Timeout" and "Max Receive Count" configurations. For more information, see:


Even if you are not interested in working with Broadway batches via the handle_batch/3 callback, we recommend all Broadway pipelines with SQS producers to define a default batcher with batch_size set to 10, so messages can be acknowledged in batches, which improves the performance and reduce the costs of integrating with SQS.


  name: MyBroadway,
  producer: [
    module: {BroadwaySQS.Producer,
      queue_url: "",
      config: [
        access_key_id: "YOUR_AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID",
        secret_access_key: "YOUR_AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY",
        region: "us-east-2"
  processors: [
    default: []
  batchers: [
    default: [
      batch_size: 10,
      batch_timeout: 2000

The above configuration will set up a producer that continuously receives messages from "my_queue" and sends them downstream.

Retrieving Metadata

By default the following information is added to the metadata field in the %Message{} struct:

  • message_id - The message id received when the message was sent to the queue
  • receipt_handle - The receipt handle
  • md5_of_body - An MD5 digest of the message body

You can access any of that information directly while processing the message:

def handle_message(_, message, _) do
  receipt = %{
    id: message.metadata.message_id,
    receipt_handle: message.metadata.receipt_handle

  # Do something with the receipt

If you want to retrieve attributes or message_attributes, you need to configure the :attributes_names and :message_attributes_names options accordingly, otherwise, attributes will not be attached to the response and will not be available in the metadata field

producer: [
  module: {BroadwaySQS.Producer,
    queue_url: "",
    # Define which attributes/message_attributes you want to be attached
    attribute_names: [:approximate_receive_count],
    message_attribute_names: ["SomeAttribute"]

and then in handle_message:

def handle_message(_, message, _) do
  approximate_receive_count = message.metadata.attributes["approximate_receive_count"]
  some_attribute = message.metadata.message_attributes["SomeAttribute"]

  # Do something with the attributes

For more information on the :attributes_names and :message_attributes_names options.