Commanded.ProcessManagers.FailureContext (Commanded v1.3.1) View Source

Data related to a process manager event handling or command dispatch failure.

The available fields are:

  • context - the context map passed between each failure and may be used to track state between retries, such as to count failures.

  • last_event - the last event the process manager received.

  • pending_commands - the pending commands that were not executed yet.

  • process_manager_state - the state the process manager would be in if the command would not fail.

  • stacktrace - the stacktrace if the error was an unhandled exception.

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t() :: %Commanded.ProcessManagers.FailureContext{
  context: map(),
  last_event: struct(),
  pending_commands: [struct()],
  process_manager_state: struct(),
  stacktrace: Exception.stacktrace() | nil