Ecto v1.1.0 Ecto.Model

Warning: this module is currently deprecated. Instead use Ecto.Schema and the functions in the Ecto module.

Ecto.Model is built on top of Ecto.Schema. See Ecto.Schema for documentation on the schema/2 macro, as well which fields, associations, types are available.


When used, Ecto.Model imports itself, as well as the functions in Ecto.Changeset and Ecto.Query.

All the modules existing in Ecto.Model.* are brought in too:

  • use Ecto.Model.Callbacks - provides lifecycle callbacks
  • use Ecto.Model.OptimisticLock - makes the optimistic_lock/1 macro available

However, you can avoid using Ecto.Model altogether in favor of cherry-picking any of the functionality above.



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