Ecto v3.0.7 Ecto.Association.HasThrough View Source

The association struct for has_one and has_many through associations.

Its fields are:

  • cardinality - The association cardinality
  • field - The name of the association field on the schema
  • owner - The schema where the association was defined
  • owner_key - The key on the owner schema used for the association
  • through - The through associations
  • relationship - The relationship to the specified schema, default :child

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Performs the repository change on the association

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Link to this function on_repo_change(map, _, _, _, _) View Source

Performs the repository change on the association.

Receives the parent changeset, the current changesets and the repository action options. Must return the persisted struct (or nil) or the changeset error.

Callback implementation for c:Ecto.Association.on_repo_change/5.