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Ecto common helpers such as validators and formatters.


The package is available on hex, so it can be installed by adding ecto_commons to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:

def deps do
    {:ecto_commons, "~> 0.3.4"}

Incompatibility Warning

In order to check whether URLs are parseable, this library requires either a recent (>= 1.13.0) of Elixir, or an older (< 26) version of OTP.


Documentation is published on HexDocs and can be found at


The package contains common ecto helpers:

Changeset validators

  • EctoCommons.DateValidator:
    • validate_date(changeset, field, opts): validates an equality (with approximation), before or after a given date.
  • EctoCommons.DateTimeValidator
    • validate_datetime(changeset, field, opts): validates an equality (with approximation), before or after a given date time.
  • EctoCommons.TimeValidator
    • validate_time(changeset, field, opts): validates an equality (with approximation), before or after a given time.
  • EctoCommons.EmailValidator
    • validate_email(changeset, field, opts): validates emails. As there is no perfect validation possible, multiple options are available depending on your requirements. Can also reject temporary/burner emails.
  • EctoCommons.URLValidator
    • validate_url(changeset, field, opts): validates if an URL is correct. Here too, there is no perfection possible. Multiple options are available depending on the precision required.
  • EctoCommons.StringValidator
    • validate_has_prefix(changeset, field, opts): validates if a string starts with a given prefix. The prefix itself can depend on another field or on a dynamic value.
  • EctoCommons.PostalCodeValidator
    • validate_postal_code(changeset, field, opts): validates postal code formatting using regular expressions depending on the country. This only ensures the postal code "looks ok" but doesn't check it really exists (that will need a complete database of all postal codes worldwide).
  • EctoCommons.SocialSecurityValidator
    • validate_social_security(changeset, field, opts): validates social security numbers (SSN) depending on the country. This only validates french SSNs for now.
  • EctoCommons.LuhnValidator
    • validate_luhn(changeset, field, opts): validates a string with Luhn's algorithm such as credit card numbers and other administrative codes.
  • EctoCommons.PhoneNumberValidator
    • validate_phone_number(changeset, field, opts): validates a phone number using libphonenumber.

Changeset helpers

  • EctoCommons.Helpers
    • validate_many(changeset, field, opts): validates multiple fields with the same validation function as well as the same options.


ecto_commons follows semantic versioning. See for more information.


Use Earthly to run tests against various versions of Elixir and Erlang.

earthly +all


MIT. Please see LICENSE for licensing details.