API Reference ExAirtable v0.2.9


Provides an interface to query Airtable bases/tables, and an optional server to cache the results of a table into memory for faster access and to avoid Airtable API access limitations.

Struct for an Airtable List of Records.

Struct for an Airtable Record.

Configuration struct for an Airtable "base".

Configuration struct for an Airtable "base"

This is useful for playing around in the console.

The RateLimiter ensures that no requests go to Airtable fast enough to trigger API rate-limiting.

A Ratelimiter contains a map of %ExAirtable.RateLimiter.BaseQueues{}s.

Defines a struct that is handy for passing data back and forth between functions, as data.

The RateLimiter takes an %ExAirtable.RateLimiter.Request{}, runs its :job and (optionally) sends the results to the :callback function as arguments.

The Service defines methods to directly hit the Airtable API.

This is the "master control" that takes care of rate-limiting and caching for all of your Tables.

The Table behaviour allows you to define your own modules that use Airtables.

A caching server for an ExAirtable.Table.

Run scheduled synchronization of an ExAirtable.TableCache against the relevant Airtable base.