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group_by_filter(group_name, filters, options \\ [])

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group_by_filter(group_name(), filters :: list(), options()) :: map()

On the query results, group by filters (they're Query usecase), and then get the number of matched filters, the order of the returned results is the same as that of the added filter(s).

We can set it in the nested :group_bys option of :search_query option in ExAliyunOts.search/4.

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import MyApp.TableStore

search "table", "index_name",
  search_query: [
    query: ...,
    group_bys: [
          term_query("is_actived", true),
          range_query("price", from: 50)


  • :sub_group_bys, optional, add sub GroupBy type aggregations.
  • :sub_aggs, optional, add sub statistics.