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Aliyun TableStore SDK for Elixir/Erlang

TableStore is a NoSQL database service built on Alibaba Cloud’s Apsara distributed operating system that can store and access large volumes of structured data in real time.


def deps do
    {:ex_aliyun_ots, "~> 0.11"}


Add these settings below into the config/ots.secret.exs file.

config :ex_aliyun_ots, :my_instance,
  name: "MyInstanceName",
  endpoint: "MyInstanceEndpoint",
  access_key_id: "MyAliyunRAMKeyID",
  access_key_secret: "MyAliyunRAMKeySecret",
  pool_size: 100,
  pool_count: 1

config :ex_aliyun_ots,
  instances: [:my_instance],
  debug: false,
  enable_tunnel: false
  • debug, optional, specifies whether to enable debug logger, by default it is false, and please DO NOT use debug mode in production.
  • enable_tunnel, optional, specifies whether to enable tunnel functions, there will startup tunnel related supervisor and registry when enable it, by default it is false.
  • pool_size, optional, number of connections to maintain in each pool, involved when use Finch as Tesla http adapter, see Finch.request/6 for details, defaults to 100.
  • pool_count, optional, number of pools to start, involved when use Finch as Tesla http adapter, see Finch.request/6 for details, defaults to 1.

Using ExAliyunOts

To use ExAliyunOts, a module that calls use ExAliyunOts has to be defined:

defmodule MyApp.TableStore do
  use ExAliyunOts, instance: :my_instance

This automatically defines some macros and functions in the MyApp.TableStore module, here are some examples:

import MyApp.TableStore

# Create table
create_table "table",
  [{"pk1", :integer}, {"pk2", :string}]

# Put row
put_row "table",
  [{"pk1", "id1"}],
  [{"attr1", 10}, {"attr2", "attr2_value"}],
  condition: condition(:expect_not_exist),
  return_type: :pk

# Search index
search "table", "index_name",
  search_query: [
  query: match_query("age", 28),
  sort: [
    field_sort("age", order: :desc)

# Local transaction
start_local_transaction "table", {"partition_key", "partition_value"}

ExAliyunOts API

There are two ways to use ExAliyunOts:

  • using macros and functions from your own ExAliyunOts module, like MyApp.TableStore.
  • using macros and functions from the ExAliyunOts module.

All defined functions and macros in ExAliyunOts are available and referable for your own ExAliyunOts module as well, except that the given arity of functions may different, because the instance parameter of each invoke request is NOT needed from your own ExAliyunOts module although the ExAliyunOts module defines it.

Ecto Adapter

Here is a Tablestore adapter for Ecto implementation as an alternative.

Supported Functions

  • Table Operations
  • Row Operations
  • Conditional update
  • Auto-increment function of the primary key column
  • Filter
  • Atomic counters
  • Search index
  • Local transaction
  • Tunnel service
  • Timeline mode

Supported API

  • Table

    • CreateTable
    • ListTable
    • DeleteTable
    • UpdateTable
    • DescribeTable
    • ComputeSplitPointsBySize
  • Row

    • PutRow
    • GetRow
    • UpdateRow
    • DeleteRow
    • GetRange
    • BatchGetRow
    • BatchWriteRow
  • SearchIndex

    • CreateSearchIndex
    • DescribeSearchIndex
    • DeleteSearchIndex
    • Search
    • ParallelScan
  • LocalTransaction

    • StartLocalTransaction
    • CommitTransaction
    • AbortTransaction
  • SDK built-in

    • IterateAllRange
    • IterateParallelScan
    • IterateSearch
    • Sequence
    • StreamParallelScan
    • StreamRange
    • StreamSearch
  • Tunnel service

  • Timeline mode


Thanks very much for the help and support of the Alibaba TableStore offical support team.


Alibaba Tablestore product official references:


This project is licensed under the MIT license. Copyright (c) 2018- Xin Zou.