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week_of_month(Date.t()) :: {Calendar.month(), week()}

Returns the {month, week_number} for a date.

The nature of a week depends on the calendar configuration and therefore some results may be surprising. For example the date of December 31st 2018 is actually in month one of the ISO Week calendar of 2019.


  • date is any Date.t()


  • a tuple of the form {month, week} or

  • {:error, :not_defined} if the calendar does not support the concept of weeks.


iex> Cldr.Calendar.week_of_month(~D[2019-01-01])
{1, 1}
iex> Cldr.Calendar.week_of_month(~D[2018-12-31])
{1, 1}
iex> Cldr.Calendar.week_of_month(~D[2019-01-01 Cldr.Calendar.BasicWeek])
{1, 1}
iex> Cldr.Calendar.week_of_month(~D[2018-12-31 Cldr.Calendar.BasicWeek])
{12, 5}
iex> Cldr.Calendar.week_of_month(~D[2018-12-31 Cldr.Calendar.Julian])
{:error, :not_defined}