API Reference Cldr Calendars v1.20.0



Calendar functions for calendars compatible with Elixir's Calendar behaviour.

Defines the configuration for a calendar.

Functions to create and format a difference between two dates, times or datetimes.

Encapsulates the era information for known CLDR calendars.

Implements the proleptic Gregorian calendar.

Implements the ISO Week calendar.

Implements functions to return intervals and compare date intervals.

Provide K-Day functions for Dates, DateTimes and NaiveDateTimes.

Implements the US National Retail Federation (NRF) calendar.

Implements the ~d sigils to produce dates, datetimes and naive datetimes.

Exception raised when a two datestimes are not in the same timezone

Exception raised when an attempt is made to use a two incompatible calendars.

Exception raised when a module is not a calendar.

Exception raised when two dates or times are not ordered from earlier to later