API Reference ExKcal v0.0.6


Describes various alcohols common and beverages and food.

Provides functions to handle some of the operations related to weight manipulation on the ExKcal.Products.

Carbohydrates split into subcategories.

Fats split into subcategories.

Minerals and microelements split into subcategories.

Main purpose of the module is to represent set of products and primitives required to manipulate it. It's analog of MapSet, but MapSet leaves us in uneasy situation, as its implementation details are private (opaque type) so there is no clean way of using it in guards (without (ab)using knowledge of hidden implementation details), and there are very few primitives accompanying it. ExKcal.Products offers something similar, doesn't hide implementation details, and builds upon them.

ExKcal.Recipe splits preparation task into the list of steps.

Amount of time to be included in ExKcal.Recipe instructions. As hinted already, module provides structure and primitives to handle amount of time, and not the current time etc. That fact dictates names of the struct fields: hours, minutes and finally seconds.

Various SI prefixes-related functions etc.

Various unit-related information, functions etc.

Vitamins and related substances.