View Source Running local Typesense

This document guides you through setting up a local Typesense instance for development purposes. Running a local instance allows you to experiment with search functionalities and integrate them into your development workflow seamlessly.


Before we begin, ensure you have the following installed on your development machine:

Or use the one line command to install both:

# this is slightly edited so that you don't
# have to save the file on the machine
curl -sSL | sh

Setting up

We are using Docker compose to bootstrap a local Typesense instance from a sample docker compose file.

Clone the ex_typesense GitHub repository:

git clone

Navigate to the cloned GitHub repository start the Typesense instance:

cd ex_typesense

docker compose up -d

More info on spinning a local instance:

Once you've started Typesense, you can verify its installation by accessing the health endpoint through a browser or curl in the terminal:

$ curl http://localhost:8108/health

In a separate terminal, you can view the logs of your local Typesense instance using following command:

# logs from all instances
docker compose logs -f

# or specifically Typesense
docker container logs --follow --tail 50 typesense