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A module for testing Expected.Store implementations.

In order to test a new Expected.Store, create a test module and use Expected.Store.Test by specifying the store to test:

defmodule MyExpected.StoreTest do
  use ExUnit.Case
  use Expected.Store.Test, store: MyExpected.Store

  # Must be defined for Expected.Store.Test to work.
  defp init_store(_) do
    # Insert @login1 defined in Expected.Store.Test in your store.
    # ...

    # Return a map containing your options as `opts`.
    %{opts: init(table: :expected)}

  # Test your init function
  describe "init/1" do
    test "returns the table name" do
      assert init(table: :expected) == :expected

With this minimal code, the behaviours of the implementations for Expected.Store.list_user_logins/2, Expected.Store.get/3, Expected.Store.put/2, Expected.Store.delete/3 and Expected.Store.clean_old_logins/2 are automatically tested.