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Low-level GNU gettext file handling (for .po, .pot, and .mo files), including writing and parsing.

See the documentation.

For a full Gettext integration, see the Gettext library.


Expo can parse PO, POT, and MO files from GNU gettext:

#=> %Expo.Messages{...}

It can also write well-formed PO, POT, and MO files:

|> Expo.PO.parse_file!()
|> Expo.PO.compose()
|> then(fn content -> File.write!("priv/gettext/copy.pot") end)

This library can also parse Plural-Form headers in PO or POT files, and ships with a built-in list of languages and their plural forms. You can find which plural form to use for a given amount by using Expo.PluralForms.index/2:

{:ok, plural_form} = Expo.PluralForms.plural_form("de")

Expo.PluralForms.index(plural_form, 1)
#=> 0
Expo.PluralForms.index(plural_form, 213)
#=> 1


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