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Exzeitable. Check README for usage instructions.

Database interactions

For building the HTML tags themselves, check for information on applying CSS classes.

For the actions buttons such as :new, :edit etc, as well as custom buttons.

Filtering data

Formatting text

Helpers that are needed across multiple modules in the HTML context

For building out the pagination buttons above and below the table

Build the search field part of the HTML

Show buttons and the buttons that toggle their visibility

Builds the table part of the HTML

Gets default parameters, replaces with module opts and then with the function opts.

An exception for missing or bad parameters

Using these instead of Keyword.fetch! to provide nice easily resolvable errors.

Defines the behaviour for, and access to, text for the exzeitable interface.

Default text for the Exzeitable HTML interface

The entrypoint for defining your web interface, such as controllers, views, channels and so on.

Users post table in German

Conveniences for translating and building error messages.

Custom text for the Exzeitable HTML interface

A module providing Internationalization with a gettext-based API.

Users post table

User table

Mix Tasks

Generates a migration file adding the pg_trgm extension to postgres.