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HTTP1 Pool metrics.

Available metrics:

  • :pool_index - Index of the pool
  • :pool_size - Total number of connections of the pool
  • :available_connections - Number of avaialable connections
  • :in_use_connections - Number of connections currently in use


  • A given number X of available_connections does not mean that currently exists X connections to the server sitting on the pool. Because Finch uses a lazy strategy for workers initialization, every pool starts with it's size as available connections even if they are not started yet. In practice this means that available_connections may be connections sitting on the pool or available space on the pool for a new one if required.



@type t() :: %Finch.HTTP1.PoolMetrics{
  available_connections: term(),
  in_use_connections: term(),
  pool_index: term(),
  pool_size: term()


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get_pool_status(name, shp, pool_idx)

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init(registry, shp, pool_idx, pool_size)

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maybe_add(ref, metrics_list)

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