API Reference Finitomata v0.14.3




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Finitomata provides a boilerplate for FSM implementation, allowing to concentrate on the business logic rather than on the process management and transitions/events consistency tweaking.

Helpers and assertions to make Finitomata implementation easily testable.

The behaviour to be implemented and passed to use Finitomata to receive all the state transitions notifications.

The behaviour, defining the parser to produce FSM out of textual representation.

The behaviour to be implemented by a persistent storage to be used with Finitomata (pass the implementation as persistency: Impl.Module.Name to use Finitomate.)

The protocol to be implemented for custom data to be used in pair with Finitomata.Persistency.Protocol persistency adapter.

Default implementation of persistency adapter that does nothing but routes to the implementation of Finitomata.Persistency.Persistable for the data.

Carries the state of the FSM.

The internal representation of Transition.

The path from one state to another one