Floki.HTMLParser behaviour (Floki v0.31.0) View Source

A entry point to dynamic dispatch functions to the configured HTML parser.

The configuration can be done with the "html_parser" option when calling the functions, or for the "floki" application:

Floki.parse_document(document, html_parser: Floki.HTMLParser.FastHtml)


use Mix.Config
config :floki, :html_parser, Floki.HTMLParser.Mochiweb

The default parser is Mochiweb, which comes with Floki. You can also choose between Html5ever or FastHtml.

This module is also a behaviour that those parsers must implement.

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parse_document(html, opts \\ [])

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parse_fragment(html, opts \\ [])

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parse_document(binary()) :: {:ok, Floki.html_tree()} | {:error, String.t()}


parse_fragment(binary()) :: {:ok, Floki.html_tree()} | {:error, String.t()}