API Reference gcode v0.4.1


Gcode - a library for parsing and serialising G-code.

A sequence of G-code words on a single line.

A G-code comment.

A protocol which is used to describe the model for human consumption.

A protocol for evaluating expressions.

Represents a binary (or infix) expression in G-code, consisting of two operands (lhs and rhs) and an operator to apply.

Represents a boolean expression in G-code. Can be either true or false.

Represents a number of special constant values defined by some G-code controllers

Represents a floating-point number expression in G-code.

Helpers for working with expressions.

Represents an integer number expression in G-code.

Represents an array expression in G-code.

Represents a string expression in G-code.

Represents a unary (or prefix) expression in G-code. A unary consists of a single operand and an operator.

A G-code program is the high level object which contains each of the G-code blocks, comments, etc.

A protocol which is used to serialise the model into G-code output.

A G-code skip.

The tape (%) denotes the beginning and end of the program and is not needed by most controllers. Can optionally contain a comment, called a "leader".

A G-code word.

A helper which represents an optional type.

A parser for G-code programs.

A parser for G-code programs using Parsec.

Parser's streaming outputs have no way to return a result type, so we are forced to rely on exceptions. These are those exceptions.

A helper which represents a result type.

Common enumerableish functions on results.