API Reference gogs v1.1.0



Documentation for the main Gogs functions.
This package is an Elixir interface to our Gogs Server. It contains all functions we need to create repositories, clone, add data to files, commit, push and diff. Some of these functions use Git and others use the REST API. We would obviously prefer if everything was one or the other, but sadly, some things cannot be done via Git or REST so we have adopted a "hybrid" approach.

Mock functions to simulate Git commands. Sadly, this is necessary until we figure out how to get write-access on GitHub CI. This module is exported for testing convenience/speed in downstream/dependent apps.

Mock (stub) our API requests to the Gogs API so that we can test all of our code (with Mocks) on GitHub CI. These functions pattern match on the params and return the expected responses. If you know of a better way of doing this (preferably without introducing more dependencies ...) Please share: github.com/dwyl/gogs/issues

Helper functions that can be unit tested independently of the main functions. If you spot any way to make these better, please share: https://github.com/dwyl/gogs/issues

Documentation for the HTTP "verb" functions. Should be self-explanatory. Each function documented & typespecd.
If anything is unclear, please open an issue: github.com/dwyl/gogs/issues