API Reference google_api_street_view_publish v0.19.4


API client metadata for GoogleApi.StreetViewPublish.V1.

API calls for all endpoints tagged Photo.

API calls for all endpoints tagged Photos.

Handle Tesla connections for GoogleApi.StreetViewPublish.V1.

Response to batch delete of one or more Photos.

Request to update the metadata of photos. Updating the pixels of photos is not supported.

Response to batch update of metadata of one or more Photos.

A connection is the link from a source photo to a destination photo.

A generic empty message that you can re-use to avoid defining duplicated empty messages in your APIs. A typical example is to use it as the request or the response type of an API method. For instance: service Foo { rpc Bar(google.protobuf.Empty) returns (google.protobuf.Empty); } The JSON representation for Empty is empty JSON object {}.

An object that represents a latitude/longitude pair. This is expressed as a pair of doubles to represent degrees latitude and degrees longitude. Unless specified otherwise, this object must conform to the WGS84 standard. Values must be within normalized ranges.

Level information containing level number and its corresponding name.

Response to list all photos that belong to a user.

This resource represents a long-running operation that is the result of a network API call.

Photo is used to store 360 photos along with photo metadata.

Response payload for a single Photo in batch operations including BatchGetPhotos and BatchUpdatePhotos.

Place metadata for an entity.

Raw pose measurement for an entity.

The Status type defines a logical error model that is suitable for different programming environments, including REST APIs and RPC APIs. It is used by gRPC. Each Status message contains three pieces of data: error code, error message, and error details. You can find out more about this error model and how to work with it in the API Design Guide.

Request to update the metadata of a Photo. Updating the pixels of a photo is not supported.

Upload reference for media files.