View Source API Reference heyya v0.8.0


Heyya is here to help with you testing. It provides a set of ExUnit CaseTemplate's that make it easier to test Phoenix Components, LiveViews, and LiveComponent's.

Heyya.LiveCase module provides helper methods that make it easier to write a more linear live view test. It takes care of the fact that there's connection state, view state, and last html state.

A test case template that provides helpers for testing live components. It relies on LiveComponentHost being mounted.

This live view takes in a Module name and a method name then dynamically renders it. Params (other than module anme and method name) are passed along to the function as assigns.

This module is a struct to hold the state of a session of live view testing.

Heyya.SnapshotCase allows for fast snapshot testing of Phoenix components. Snapshot testing components is a fast and easy way to ensure that they work and produce what they expected to produce without having to hand write assertions.