• Bump version of telemetry_poller dependency. #212



  • Horde.DynamicSupervisor behaviour in a netsplit has changed. Previously, when a netsplit heals, Horde.DynamicSupervisor would try to clean up any duplicate processes. It no longer does this, leaving that responsibility to Horde.Registry. #196
  • Horde.DynamicSupervisor and Horde.Registry now support the option members: :auto to automatically detect other identically-named supervisors or registries. #184
  • Horde.DynamicSupervisor now supports the option process_redistribution: :active to rebalance processes actively (aka, when a node joins or leaves the cluster). The default is :passive, which only redistributes processes when a node dies or loses quorum. #164.


  • Use MFA for on_diff instead of anonymous function, avoids passing around functions (which can be error-prone). #167.



  • Module-based Horde.Supervisor can override child_spec/1. #135
  • Added guides for handling clustering, process state handoff (during deploys), and special considerations for eventual consistency to the documentation.
  • Horde.Supervisor now uses libring to distribute processes over nodes. #130
  • Horde.Supervisor publishes metrics with :telemetry ([:horde, :supervisor, :supervised_process_count]). #132
  • Horde.Supervisor and Horde.Registry now support option delta_crdt_options, which you can use to tune your cluster. Also updated to the most recent DeltaCRDT. #100