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Some simple HTML query functions. Delegates the hard work to Floki.

iex> alias HtmlQuery, as: Hq

iex> html = """
  <form id="profile" test-role="profile">
    <label>Name <input name="name" type="text" value="Fido"> </label>
    <label>Age <input name="age" type="text" value="10"> </label>
    <label>Bio <textarea name="bio">Fido likes long walks and playing fetch.</textarea> </label>

iex> html |> Hq.find!(test_role: "profile")
{"form", [{"id", "profile"}, {"test-role", "profile"}],
   {"label", [], [ "Name ", {"input", [{"name", "name"}, {"type", "text"}, {"value", "Fido"}], []} ]},
   {"label", [], [ "Age ", {"input", [{"name", "age"}, {"type", "text"}, {"value", "10"}], []} ]},
   {"label", [], [ "Bio ", {"textarea", [{"name", "bio"}], ["Fido likes long walks and playing fetch."]} ]}

iex> html |> Hq.all("input[type=text]") |>, "value"))
["Fido", "10"]

iex> html |> Hq.find(test_role: "profile") |> Hq.form_fields()
%{age: "10", bio: "Fido likes long walks and playing fetch.", name: "Fido"}

API Docs

See the documentation for the main HtmlQuery module for details and more examples:


def deps do
    {:html_query, "~> 1.2"}