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Defines an LLMChain for performing data extraction from a body of text.

Run a router based on a user's initial prompt to determine what category best matches from the given options. If there is no good match, the value "DEFAULT" is returned.

A convenience chain for turning a user's prompt text into a summarized title for the anticipated conversation.

Represents a chat model hosted by Bumblebee and accessed through an Nx.Serving.

Parses and validates inputs for making a request for the Google AI Chat API.

Utility that handles interaction with the application's configuration.

Defines a "function" that can be provided to an LLM for the LLM to optionally execute and pass argument data to.

Define a function parameter as a struct. Used to generate the expected JSONSchema data for describing one or more arguments being passed to a LangChain.Function.

A module providing Internationalization with a gettext-based API.

Exception used for raising LangChain specific errors.

Models a complete Message for a chat LLM.

Models a ContentPart. Some LLMs support combining text, images, and possibly other content as part of a single user message. A ContentPart represents a block, or part, of a message's content that is all of one type.

Represents an LLM's request to use tool. It specifies the tool to execute and may provide arguments for the tool to use.

Represents a the result of running a requested tool. The LLM's requests a tool use through a ToolCall. A ToolResult returns the answer or result from the application back to the AI.

Models a "delta" message from a chat LLM. A delta is a small chunk, or piece of a much larger complete message. A series of deltas are used to construct the complete message.

Enables defining a prompt, optionally as a template, but delaying the final building of it until a later time when input values are substituted in.

Defines a route or direction a prompting interaction with an LLM can take.

Defines a Calculator tool for performing basic math calculations.

Collection of helpful utilities mostly for internal use.

Tools for overriding API results. Used for testing.

Module to help when working with the results of a chain.

Functions for converting messages into the various commonly used chat template formats.