View Source API Reference LangChain v0.1.0


Defines an LLMChain for performing data extraction from a body of text.

Utility that handles interaction with the application's configuration.

A protocol that defines a way for converting the LangChain Elixir data structs to an OpenAI supported data structure and format for making an API call.

Defines a "function" that can be provided to an LLM for the LLM to optionally execute and pass argument data to.

A module providing Internationalization with a gettext-based API.

Exception used for raising LangChain specific errors.

Models a complete Message for a chat LLM.

Models a "delta" message from a chat LLM. A delta is a small chunk, or piece of a much larger complete message. A series of deltas can are used to construct a complete message.

Enables defining a prompt, optionally as a template, but delaying the final building of it until a later time when input values are substituted in.

Defines a Calculator tool for performing basic math calculations.

Collection of helpful utilities mostly for internal use.

Tools for overriding API results. Used for testing.