API Reference Loupe v0.7.0



Entrypoint module for Ecto related function with Loupe. Ideally, this module should be completely decoupled from any Repo logic and leave that to the app's Repo

The context is the structure that goes through the query building process. It includes the user assigns which are passed down below in the ecto definition, but also includes a couple fields to make sure that query info are validated beforehand.

Behaviour for defining an Ecto definition. This behaviours defines what the query builder can use to build the query.

An error that occured in the lexer's step

An error that occured in the parser's step

Tooling for writings tests

Loupe's compiler entrypoint.

Extracted AST structure query.

Live view component that renders the entities. It also support nesting preloading of the relations though events.

Module that is meant to be implemented to control how the component renders

Mock schemas and Ecto modules for tests

Comment schema

Example Ecto definition for the modules defined above.

External key schema

Post schema

Mocked repo

Post schema

Post schema

User external key relation

This is the base case module for all tests.